LYRASIS 2020 Open Content Survey Report: Understanding the Landscape of Open Content Activities in United States Libraries

Rosen, Hannah
orcid: 0000-0001-6804-7073
Grogg, Jill
orcid: 0000-0001-5136-4507
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Cultural heritage organizations have long struggled to ensure their users cost-effective, widespread information access. This situation presents challenges and opportunities, both of which have evolved over time. The open content movement has expanded that challenge to supporting and advocating for content free of barriers and paywalls. Open content touches many areas of librarianship, but it is often difficult to understand how libraries approach this movement through internal activities and external financial support. The LYRASIS open content survey was conducted in early 2020 as a mechanism to better understand how (primarily academic) libraries within the United States participate in the open content movement. The survey specifically focused on participation in activities/financial support for open access (OA) scholarship, open data, and open educational resources (OERs).
Open access , Open data , Open Educational Resources ,
Rosen, Hannah, and Jill Grogg. “LYRASIS 2020 Open Content Survey Report.” June 2020, 1-53.