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The Catalyst Fund was created to directly fund projects by member institutions that are designed to benefit the entire community of archives, libraries and museums. These projects were carefully reviewed and chosen based on their potential for scalability and maximum impact on all collections-holding institutions. Only LYRASIS members are eligible to apply for the Catalyst Fund.


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    Toolkit to assess OCR’ed historical text in the era of big data
    (LYRASIS; University of Utah, 2022-10-13) Maringanti, Harish; McBride, Brian; Zhu, Bohan
    While cultural heritage institutions have been using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract full text from scanned page images, the quality of extracted text is low for historical texts. In this era of big data, such historical texts will be left behind, both in search rankings and their use through computational tools. This Catatylst Funded project developed a set of guidelines, and tools to assist organizations in improving their existing OCRed collections, this white paper explores the results of the grant project.
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    LYRASIS Research Report The Ohio State University Catalyst Fund Idea Report – Repository Migration Service
    (LYRASIS, 2022-05-01) Rosen, Hannah
    This report covers the 2021 LYRASIS Catalyst Fund idea proposed by the Ohio State University. LYRASIS staff performed market research, conducting interviews and surveys to determine how current OSS communities are tracking software version usage, as well as to understand the potential for a migration service to alleviate the difficulties in migrating from unsupported OSS versions to current software versions.
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    Build a Better Library Website Bootcamp
    (LYRASIS; New Jersey State Library, 2021) Levandowski, Andrea; Morales, Eileen
    $18,250. This project focuses on developing a robust online version of its User Experience (UX) Boot Camp and make it available at no cost to attendees. The course is designed to equip participants with the skills to create vibrant and appealing websites that serve the needs of the public. While the Boot Camp is marketed to public librarians, the curriculum is largely applicable to all members of the LYRASIS community who have any responsibility for a public-facing website.
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    Caption This: Creating Efficiency in Audiovisual Accessibility Using Artificial Intelligence
    (LYRASIS; University of Mississippi, 2021) Norris, Abigail; Emanuel, Michelle
    $28,198. This project focuses on the creation of a successful workflow to use open source code to efficiently produce captions for the native streaming audio and video files in our institutional repository, thereby making A/V materials accessible to all users, in accordance with the University’s accessibility standards.
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    Handwriting Text Recognition (HTR) Project
    (LYRASIS; University of Connecticut, 2021) Colati, Greg; Johnson, Joseph; Kemezis, Michael; Sikes, Sara
    $24,277. To develop a foundation for a large-scale, open source software for handwriting recognition for historical documents.
All works created for the Catalyst Fund are licensed under Creative Commons licenses. Please refer to each document for specific rights statements.