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LYRASIS Research is a digital repository for research output at LYRASIS, including original staff research, Catalyst Fund reports, and grant related publications.


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  • Drake, Kelly; Geller, Marilyn; Wentz, Erin; Choy, Louisa (LYRASIS, 2014)
    This case study follows a three-year odyssey into the world of electronic resource management (ERM) and open source systems (OSS). Led by the Fenway Libraries Online (FLO) office, the Electronic Resource Management Task ...
  • Brice, John; Ames, Cindy Murdock (LYRASIS, 2014)
    The following narrative describes the Meadville Public Library’s now 13-year odyssey of discovering, selecting and using the OSS Koha ILS. Our story can be used to help other libraries discover where the pitfalls lie, ...
  • McNamara, Frances; Miller, Stuart; Olson, Todd (LYRASIS, 2014)
    This case study documents the processes at the University of Chicago Library (Library) that ultimately resulted in the decision to replace the Library’s proprietary systems – SirsiDynix’s Horizon, Innovative Interfaces’ ...
  • Clareson, Thomas F.R. (LYRASIS, 2020-06-30)
    In Summer 2019, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) selected LYRASIS Consulants Tom Clareson and Leigh Grinstead to manage a research project to assess the needs of small and diverse archival ...
  • Clareson, Thomas F.R.; Grinstead, Leigh A. (LYRASIS, 2020-06-29)
    This report is a list of all performance objectives achieved for the NHPRC 'Small and Diverse Archival Organization Needs Assessment Project' grant.

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