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Build a Better Library Website Boot Camp: A Catalyst Fund Report
(LYRASIS; New Jersey State Library, 2021-07-23) Levandowski, Andrea; Morales, Eileen
This project developed a robust online version of its User Experience (UX) Boot Camp and made it available at no cost to attendees. The course was designed to equip participants with the skills to create vibrant and appealing websites that serve the needs of the public. While the Boot Camp is marketed to public librarians, the curriculum is largely applicable to all members of the Lyrasis community who have any responsibility for a public-facing website.
2020 LYRASIS Catalyst Fund Grant Report. Preprint Accessibility
(LYRASIS; University of Illinois, 2022-06-28) Hinchliffe, Lisa Janicke
Research focused on investigating the accessibility of preprint server platforms and files in order to identify accessibility issues and suggest possible remedies.
The Lyrasis United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund: Phase 1 Report
(Lyrasis, 2023-02-28) Rosen, Hannah; orcid: 0000-0001-6804-7073
The Lyrasis UNSDG Publishing Fund was founded in 2020 as part of a Lyrasis Springer Nature journal negotiation. Lyrasis members redirected funds from their package towards a small collection of Springer Nature Open Access (OA) titles whose content was aligned with the UNSDGs. The initial fund included six selected titles, five of which were published in 2022. This report examines global usage data for the collection, as well as usage data for each individual title.
LYRASIS 2022 Research Information Management Survey Report
(LYRASIS, 2022-10-18) Rosen, Hannah; orcid: 0000-0001-6804-7073
The LYRASIS research information management (RIM) survey was conducted in spring/summer 2022 as a mechanism to better understand how institutions interact with and support RIM activities. For the purposes of this survey, research information management (RIM) was defined as the aggregation, curation, and utilization of information about research. This report provides institutions with an opportunity to see where their efforts fall amongst the activities of their peers in four categories: allocation of responsibility for RIM activities, funding RIM activities, RIM compliance, and tools used for completing RIM activities.
Toolkit to assess OCR’ed historical text in the era of big data
(LYRASIS; University of Utah, 2022-10-13) Maringanti, Harish; McBride, Brian; Zhu, Bohan
While cultural heritage institutions have been using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract full text from scanned page images, the quality of extracted text is low for historical texts. In this era of big data, such historical texts will be left behind, both in search rankings and their use through computational tools. This Catatylst Funded project developed a set of guidelines, and tools to assist organizations in improving their existing OCRed collections, this white paper explores the results of the grant project.